Stretham Walks

Stretham Walks

Map – Stretham WalksWalks Near Stretham

Some footpath suggestions and maps for walking at Stretham, Ely.

Stretham Walks – What’s It All About?


Spring blossom on Stretham Rec'.

We have some lovely walks in and around Stretham. In these difficult times it’s good to get out for some fresh air locally, close to home. Most of these walks are on grass footpaths, some are on pavements and some require crossing fairly busy roads. For those with children to amuse, some of the routes include the recreation ground, the play parks and the river.

** Times are approximate

Stretham Walks – What’s On Offer?

The ‘Staying in Stretham’ walk is all in Stretham village and obviously you can start where you like. In this version it starts and ends near the Red Lion and the Post Office. If you are taking children on an adventure, this walk includes both the Topsy & Tim, and the Short Road play parks, and the All-Weather Surface and Recreation Ground.

~ I make no apology for highlighting where main roads have to be crossed.

Stretham Street Map – Link

For street names and Stretham village facilities this recently updated street map is excellent. Published by Stretham Parish Council, it is Councillor Richard Nuttall’s exceptionally good, modern version of the original, created, I believe, by Bill Wakefield. Stretham Street Map


** This map was copied from Bing Maps. Open Bing Maps and search for Stretham. Click top-right drop-down and select Ordnance Survey.

To measure how far you walked, Google Earth offers a brilliant tool. Open Google Earth and search for Stretham. Click the little ruler in the left sidebar and move your start point under the icon in the centre and then click ‘Add Point’. Then move the map to the next one.

Dog Poo Bins

    • Churchyard: On footpath at top corner
    • Newmarket Road / Chapel Street junction
    • Short Road / Wilburton Road junction
    • Short Road: Near Rec’ car park
    • Fieldside / Green End cut: At Wakefield’s Way
    • Jubilee Garden: High Street / Newmarket Road junction
    • Top Street: Outside Hazel Court
    • Manor Farm: Near Feast Green
    • Manor Farm: Near Plantation Gate
    • Manor Farm: Near entry
    • Green End: In lay-by just out of village


Trees On Stretham Rec’ In The Winter

We have some beautiful trees around Stretham Rec’. Flowering trees, Crab Apples, Silver Birches, Oaks and Ashes. When in leaf they are much easier to identify. In the Winter it is usually the shape and silhouette that helps to see which is which. I hope this short video is useful.

Added 21st January 2022

Stretham Walks

In Stretham – 1 hour+

Wilburton Road & Parsons Drove – 1 hour 

Rear of the Church to Mill Way – 50 mins

High Street then Cage Lane to the River

Back Lane to Mill Way to Wilburton Road – 50 mins+

Gravel Farm Bridge to the Fish and Duck Marina – 1 hour+


(1) Staying in Stretham – 1 hour +

Easy walking – on map above
Type of walk: Circular with options
What’s good: Play parks; No major roads
Be aware of: Can be a bit muddy in places after a rainy period

This version: Start and finish at the Village Cross outside the Post Office.

Grass footpath near Stretham churchyard.
Footpath behind Stretham church in the Spring.

Cross the road towards the Church and either go through the churchyard, or turn right past the front of the old Chequers pub and immediately left by Les Yardy’s and along the narrow footpath. Turn right and follow the grassy footpath, Back Lane, until it turns back towards the Ely Road near the Topsy & Tim playpark.

Cross the road and take the footpath by the side of the school playground until you reach the bottom of Berry Close.

Walk out of Berry Close, do a slight left and right into the footpath which leads into the bottom of Berry Green. Now head out of Berry Green, cross the end of Wood Lane towards the cemetery.

As you go across the village end of the cemetery please keep children and dogs under strict control. 

Go through the gate to leave the cemetery and follow a grassy path down to Plantation Gate where you turn right towards Brook Lane and turn left.

When you reach the short lane on your right, Goose Lane (no sign), this will take you through to Read Street where you cross the road and then go left and right into Chapel Lane through to Chapel Street with Pump Lane opposite.

Head up Pump Lane to the High Street – you pass Stretham’s only thatched house on the right – now turn left and cross the road down to Newmarket Road.

Cross on the pedestrian crossing and go left and right into Cage Lane. Follow Cage Lane to the end and then take the narrow footpath, straight ahead of you to Fieldside where you turn right towards the Recreation Ground.

Keeping to the left boundary on the field, pass the Bowls Club and the all-weather surface until you come to Wilburton Road just by the bus shelter.

Cross the road, (can be very busy), turning right towards the other bus shelter, and then turn left onto the footpath which will take you back towards the centre of the village.


Back Lane footpath in Stretham.
Stretham churchyard wall from Back Lane.

At the T junction turn right and either go through the churchyard back to the Red Lion, or follow the path round to the left until you come to the converted malting barn and take the narrow footpath down the right side, back to Les Yardy’s and the Post Office. 

Map – Stretham Walks


(2) Wilburton Road & Parsons Drove – 1 hour

Easy walking – on map above
Type of walk: Circular walk with various options to shorten it
What’s good: Play park; Brilliant view of Ely Cathedral on a clear day
Be aware of: Crosses the A10; Can be a very muddy in places after a rainy period

Conker tree Spring flowers.
Horse Chestnuts candles display in the Spring.

This walk takes you out on the Wilburton Road [you have to cross at the Stretham Roundabout] to Parsons Drove on your right. Up the hill, (on top of the world!), and turn right back towards the Stretham windmill. [Again, you have to cross the main road].

From the Post Office cross the road to the church and follow the churchyard straight ahead through some bushes to a drove and carry on straight.

About 100 metres before the A10, turn left and head down to Wilburton Road and turn right.

Keep following this road over the roundabout at the A10 [Busy road] until you reach a signposted drove running straight to the right which you follow – Parsons Drove. At the junction at the top of the hill, on a clear day you get a brilliant view of Ely Cathedral! Turn right.

You will soon see the Stretham windmill ahead of you framed by the trees.

At the A10 [Busy road] cross into Ely Road heading right until the Topsy & Tim play park is on your left.

Turn right into Back Lane and follow it down to the churchyard wall. Turn left by the old granary and you are back at the Village Cross.

Map – Stretham Walks


(3) Rear of Church to Mill Way – 50 mins

Easy walking – on map above
Type of walk: Circular
What’s good: Play park; Some nice views
Be aware of: Main roads; Can be a very muddy in places after a rainy period

29-08-2023 Update – From the Village Cross go through the churchyard or up the alley by Les Yardy’s to the back of the church and head towards the A10. [Busy road]. (August 2023 – Very difficult to see down towards the roundabout because of overgrown bushes.)

Go straight across over two footbridges and head diagonally across the ‘locked’ field. *Look out for evidence of the ridge-and-furrow field system in this meadow. (August 2023 – Sadly this meadow is no longer mown so it is impossible to see the ridges-and-furrows.)

(August 2023 – The path to the Mill Way is no longer clearly marked because of lack of use.) Follow the path to the Mill Way, turn right and head for the windmill.

[Busy road]. Head towards the village in Ely Road until you reach the Elephant play park and turn right to follow Back Lane to the church. [Details to come]

Map – Stretham Walks


(4) High Street, Cage Lane to the River – 75 mins

Easy walking
Type of walk: Circular or there and back to avoid walking along Green End
What’s good: Play park; Nice views of the river; Pooh Sticks under the bridge; See route option
Be aware of: Green End traffic; Can be a very muddy in places after a rainy period

Stretham Hawthorn in flower.
Hawthorn blossom in the Spring.

Based on starting from Stretham village centre near the Red Lion, this is a great walk on a nice day. It can be very muddy in places after wet weather but otherwise it follows grass footpaths.

From the Village Cross go down the High Street to the pedestrian crossing on Newmarket Road.
Cross and turn into Cage Lane to the end and then along the alley through to Fieldside.
Now turn left. At the end, enter the ‘cut’ and turn right at the footpath sign into Wakefields Way. This path will now take you all the way to the river.
[OPTION: At the fourth footbridge you could turn left on to Everitt’s Drove and head across to Green End and then turn left back towards the village. !! Be aware of faster traffic on Green End!! *If you walk across to Green End, you might notice that the ditch on your left bends and twists, unlike most other fen drains. It is thought that this is the boundary of what was once Stretham Mere. Close to the road on the opposite side of Green End at the ‘T’ junction is the site of a Roman villa.]
Once at the river flood bank turn left to the river bridge which is at the end of Green End. [Pooh sticks under the bridge is obligatory for all ages here!!]
Now head back towards Stretham on Green End – or retrace your steps along the grass paths. 
[Do be aware of Green End traffic. Not all drivers consider walkers.] 

Map – Stretham Walks


<>Stretham Walks | Walks in and around Stretham village.

(5) Back Lane Across A10 to Mill Way to Wilburton Road and down Fieldside

Easy walking – on map above
Type of walk: Longer circular walk with various options to shorten it
What’s good: Play parks; Brilliant view of Ely Cathedral on a clear day
Be aware of: Crosses the A10; Can be a very muddy in places after a rainy period

Starting at the Cross go across the road to the Old Chequers and then do a right and a left up beside Les Yardy’s house and into the alley ahead of you.

Turn right into Back Lane and follow this to the Topsy & Tim play park on Ely Road. Go left towards the A10. Cross the A10 into Mill Way. [Busy road]

[Option: You can turn left after the first big field. The path takes you to a ‘locked’ field. Cross it diagonally and then head for the church spire. The A10 can get very busy.]


Stretham crab apple tree.
Crab apples near the All Weather Surface on Stretham rec’ in November.

Follow Mill Way to the ‘T’ junction with Parsons Drove. [Look towards Ely to see the Cathedral.]
Turn left and head down to the Wilburton Road and turn left again.
At the roundabout [Busy road] go straight ahead and be ready to cross over to the recreation ground staying to the right side passing the All Weather Surface by the back of the Bowls Club.
Once at Short Road near the car park entrance turn left and go straight on into Fieldside.
At the bottom follow the cut through to Green End and turn left towards the village.
At the junction with Newmarket Road turn right and take the first left into Chapel Street and follow it up to the Post Office and the Red Lion.


Gravel Farm Bridge to the Fish and Duck Marina

Easy walking
Type of walk: Circular or there and back
What’s good: River: Views; Boats; Wildlife; Traffic-free other than parking
Be aware of: Park safely; Can be muddy; Evidence of grazing cattle

“Golden Ring” – A short poem about the Autumn. (Opens in a new page.)

Map – Stretham Walks


Stretham Old Engine – Gravel Farm – Meadow Farm

3.4 miles Footpaths only. Crosses main Wicken Road

Can be muddy after wet weather. 

Heading down the High Street towards the Newmarket Road, cross on pedestrian crossing into Cage Lane. Follow footpath at the end into Fieldside and turn left to the cut footpath.
After bungalow, turn right into Wakefield’s Way and stay on this path until you reach the Old West river where you turn left along the top of the flood bank.
Cross the Green End road bridge and pick up the path by the river beyond the Old Engine.
At Gravel Farm on the Wicken Road cross the bridge to the Stretham side and follow the flood bank path until the left hand path which takes you back to Meadow Farm.
In Plantation Gate turn left into Brook Lane. Turn right through Goose Lane (not marked), and then left and right into Chapel Lane to Chapel Street.
Turn right to head back to the Post Office.

Stretham Short Walk

About Half A Mile. Mostly pavements in the village except for Brook Lane.

From the village Cross by the Red Lion and the Post Office go down the High Street a short way into Pump Lane on your left.
When you reach Chapel Street cross into Chapel Lane and the do a left and right into Goose Lane (not signed) to Brook Lane and turn left. (No pavements).
When you get to Reed Street turn right up to Top Street and back to the High Street and turn left to the Red Lion.


Plantation Gate to the Fish & Duck Marina to Wakefields Way

Easy walking – Circular – Approx’ 5 miles
What’s good: Little or no traffic; Views; Wildlife; River; Boats
Be aware of: Crossing the road at Gravel Farm; Evidence of cattle on the flood banks


Walks close to the village + Ely & Cambridge:

Kingfishers Bridge Nature Reserve

Easy walking – Map on their website
Type of walk: Circular, or there and back
What’s good: River, Fen and Washes; No roads; Animals

Brilliant viewing mound looking over washes and the lake.
If you have them, do take your binoculars.
Be aware of: Free parking (2 Car Parks); No fixed charge but they ask for a £5.00 donation for each visit. Collection box on post near office.
Signposted to the left of the Stretham to Wicken road opposite the Upware turn. Excellent walking. Plenty to see. Safe, peaceful and great fun.

Wicken Fen Car Park into the fen

Easy walking – map from Visitor Centre
Type of walk: There and back
What’s good: Waterway; Wildlife; No major roads; Docky Hut cafe
Be aware of: Can be very muddy on grass path

Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, owned and managed by the National Trust is a brilliant place for a walk, with numerous options.

Members park free – otherwise small charge.
Can be very muddy after wet weather!

Wicken Village and Fen Circular

Easy walking
Type of walk: Circular
What’s good: Monks and Wicken Lodes; Wicken playpark; The pub; The Docky Hut
Be aware of: Can be muddy near Monks Lode gate at the Wicken end

There’s a play park, a windmill, the Maids Head pub, Wicken Fen Visitor Centre and Docky Hut cafe to keep everyone happy! You might even see some Konik ponies!

Wicken Village & Fen Walk – Detail

 – 2 miles

 – Village and Fen

 – Wicken village is lovely – Birds, Konics, cattle, fish and flowers on the Fen

 – Start from Wicken Fen Nature Reserve car park (£3.00 – Free to National Trust members)
Walk up Lode Lane towards the village. 
Turn right into Back Lane. (Option in Back Lane: Miss the village by walking straight on, past the back of the windmill to the ‘T’ junction. Turn right.) 
Turn left into Reddit Lane to the main road and cross. Go right. 
Veer left down past the play park to the pond. 
At the junction with Drury Lane turn right past the back of the Maids Head pub, back to the main road. 
Do a left-right, crossing the road, onto Cross Green opposite and follow the roadway to the footpath down to the Fen.
Down on the Fen go through the kissing gates on to a, sometimes, muddy grass path with Monks Lode on your right – Look out for Konics on the Fen to your left.
Follow this path, which is paved later, with the lode on your right until you reach the flat Norman’s Bridge and cross.
You now have Wicken Lode on your left. Stay on this path to the Wicken Fen visitor centre and Docky Hut cafe.
Stay on this route back to the Wicken Fen Nature Reserve car park.

Upware car park to the Lock footpath to pub – Road back to car park, or return

Easy walking
Type of walk: Circular, or there and back
What’s good: Very short walk; River and Washes; No major roads; The pub
Be aware of: Agricultural traffic on road to and from car park


Reach Lode, Upware in October.
Reach Lode looking towards Upware Lock from the Cockup bridge, Upware.

Upware car park to the Lock follow Reach Lode to Cock Up bridge and back

Easy walking
Type of walk: There and back
What’s good: Parking; The Lock; Moored boats; The Lode; Views across the Fen
Be aware of: Car park can be muddy; Agricultural traffic between car park and lock

Ely circular taking in Jubilee Gardens, the river, the Cathedral and Cherry Hill

Easy walking on paved paths. Map on Ely website
Type of walk: Circular with options
What’s good: Free parking; Places and buildings; The Gallery; Play parks; No major roads
Be aware of: Market days Thursday and Saturday

Ely Circular Detail – 1.5 miles – Waterside – The River – Jubilee Gardens – Cherry Hill – Silver Street – Church Lane – Palace Green – Cathedral – High Street – Market Square

Suggested start from Broad Street Car Park

Walk down to Broad Street. Turn left. At the bottom of Forehill, turn right, walking straight ahead down Waterside to the river.
With the river on your left, walk past The Maltings until you reach Jubilee Gardens. (Just a bit further along is the Cutter Inn.)
Turn right and walk up through Jubilee Gardens to the main Road and cross.
Turn right and immediately left into Cherry Hill.
Follow the path to the top and walk through the Gate on to The Gallery.
Cross the road into Silver Street until you reach and turn into Church Lane on your right.
At the corner you have St Mary’s church and Oliver Cromwell House on your left, the Old Fire Engine House restaurant ahead, and Palace Green to the right.
Walk along the Palace Green towards the Cathedral. Keep to the left at the backs of the High Street properties until you reach the Steeple Gate arch on your left. This takes you on to the High Street where you turn right. 
The Butter Market and the Marketplace are on your left.
After passing the corner on the Marketplace at the top of Forehill, look for an archway on your left – Three Cups Lane – and follow this path back to the Broad Street car park.

Cambridge – Lammas Land, Sheep’s Green & Coe Fen

Circular or there and back – Map – Google any of the place names above and use the Cambridge City Council Google map.

Fantastic parkland walk on the edge of Cambridge near Newnham for absolutely everyone. Easy walking. Choose your route and activities – of which there are loads!!
Café; Massive play park for all ages; Grass and tarmac paths; Pubs; Punting and canoeing; Wildlife; Huge paddle pool; River; 3 mill pools

Cambridge – Lammas Land, Sheep’s Green & Coe Fen – Detail

We intended to park on Trumpington Road opposite the Botanical Gardens but couldn’t get in. We ended up in the Lammas Land car park. (Small charge)
From there, with our dogs, we walked towards Newnham in park land to the bee and wasp conservation project.
Then, still in the park, went right to the Newnham roundabout. (Option: Bear a diagonal right towards Fen Causeway where there is a pedestrian crossing area.)
We walked along Newnham High Street to the mill pool by The Granta pub – turned right across the front of the restaurant that’s in the mill building, and then headed across Coe Fen to the other mill pool.
Here, there’s The Mill and the Anchor pubs, punts, canoes, Darwin College and Queens College. Plenty of benches for people watching. We had a beer and a picnic.
From here we stayed by the ‘top’ stream, and walked back towards Lammas Land (using the incredibly smelly underpass at Fen Causeway). We went through the public swimming area to the public loos. Next it was round to the café for the obligatory delicious ice cream cornet, and then back to the car park. Fantastic!!

E&OE – Please let me know if bits need editing.